Our terminal is equipped with a new and extremely efficient operational management and planning TOS.  The implementation of this system has resulted in a further improvement in productivity while meeting European quality standards.

We are equipped with web-based applications, interconnected with the E-PORT system, promoted by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority. This guarantees a reduction in paper and significantly speeds up the document operations for access to the terminal.
PSA SECH has joined the project to digitise the document cycle promoted by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and is able to communicate automatically with the stakeholders of the port system.

PSA SECH offers its customers an interactive portal that allows the track & trace of the containers under their responsibility and the extraction of reports independently by the customer.


The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system allows us to exchange data electronically, dynamically and reliably with our trading partners all over the world, making processes more efficient and reducing document management costs.

The messages used are in the international standard UN/EDIFACT format and the codes used in the data exchange correspond to international standard encodings, based on the directives of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE).  In particular, the UN/LOCODE standard is used for locations, the ISO 3166 standard for nations, and the ISO norm. no. 6346 codes for container types and sizes.

EDI Messages

MOVINS Pre-stowage
COARRI Vessel Load/Discharge
CODECO In-Gate / Out-Gate Moves
COPARN Container announcement message
COPRAR Container Load / Discharge Order
TPFREP Terminal performance Report
VERMAS Verified Gross Mass message