The beating heart of PSA SECH's activities is represented by the storage yard, where container handling and storage operations are coordinated and carried out. 
The operations of the basic cycle of container management are therefore supplemented by a full range of auxiliary services, supported by state-of-the-art technology in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), so that each activity can be easily booked and consulted by each of our customers.
Hereafter the features of our yard:

  • 205,000 square metres of surface
  • 4 RTGs 
  • 6 RMGs

Dangerous goods and containers area

549 TEUs for storage of dangerous goods.
The spaces available for container storage within the area were identified in agreement with the Port Authority and the Fire Department. The criteria for segregating the goods according to the type of hazard they belong to (as defined by the IMDG code) reflect what has been agreed with the competent authorities. All classes are accepted with the exception of IMO class 1 (explosives), IMO class 6.2 (infectious) and IMO class 7 (radioactive) for which a special management is foreseen according to the Ordinance of AP Genova no. 4 of 22.05.01.
As foreseen by the Ordinance no. 4, the containers can stay in the port areas for a maximum period of 5 days and, only in case of transhipment, up to a maximum of 30 days. All containers of dangerous goods in temporary storage inside the terminal, both import and export, must be previously authorised by the Port Authority. The dangerous goods storage area is continuously monitored by a CCTV system, by patrols carried out by the staff of the Integrative Fire Fighting Service, entrusted to companies in possession of the appropriate authorisations and by the internal staff of the Prevention and Protection Service.
The company has software specifically dedicated to the analysis and management of the risk of dangerous goods and operating in real time with the availability to quickly find the relevant safety sheets in case of emergencies. The dangerous goods storage area is equipped with 10 fire hydrants and related foamers as well as having a team of no less than 3 people constantly present at the terminal, dedicated to fire-fighting and first aid emergencies.

    Reefer area and container

    395 reefer plugs
    Two inspections per day within 24 hours, with more than 10,000 temperature-controlled containers handled per year. 

    Inspections are facilitated by the presence of the PIF/PED area in the terminal, whereby containers subject to sanitary inspection are transported directly to the control point inside the terminal.

    All companies are required to have a procedure for handling any anomalies, which generally involves forwarding the information to the company itself and to a refrigeration repairer of their choice.

    PSA SECH does not provide a repair service, but only an inspection and initial diagnosis. In the event of an emergency and with a corresponding request for services, small repairs can be carried out on electrical parts (replacement of plugs, cables, etc.).