Inspection services

Our dedicated facilities enable on-site intervention by the authorities and allow us to offer:

  • Transfer of full or empty containers from the yard to the inspection or weighing area and vice versa, including unloading and reloading;
  • Inspections, partial emptying or sampling in dedicated box area, including opening and closing of container and container handling;
  • Opening and closing packages in containers for customs inspections or sampling; 
  • Thermal inspections as per current Australian Authority regulations;
  • Radiometric inspections;
  • Scanning service on the container
  • Assistance for sanitary inspections and sampling of refrigerated containers in a dedicated PIF/PED facility including: container handling, container opening and closing, affixing of new seal; 
  • Formalities for switching from the “A3” to the “A4” regime, as per current customs regulations, for goods in storage over 90 days;
  • Fiscal Warehouse Management;
  • Temporary Custody Warehouse Management;
  • Management of A 19 - IM 7;
  • Management of export containers.

Auxiliary services for containers

PSA SECH provides a wide range of auxiliary services for the handling of inbound and outbound goods, on all types of dry van, open top and flat rack containers.
All activities are carried out by carefully trained and experienced operations teams, so that each shipment arrives at its destination safely and in compliance with the most stringent international regulations.
Our operations department can support you in your daily activities with:

  • Partial devanning/loading of containers of various goods, machinery or similar, packed or unpacked, vehicles and palletised goods with associated lashing/unlashing, bundling, covering;
  • Transfer of full and/or empty containers from storage yard to external warehouse and vice versa;
  • Direct transfer of goods from container to container and from container to truck;
  • Labelling of packages with customer-supplied labels, closure of packages for customs sealing.


Monday to Friday: from 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: from 8:00am to 12:30pm 
Sunday and bank holidays: excluded


Here attached our tariffs of auxiliary services,